Love is Love is Love is Love

Celebrate the fluid nuances of love on a molecular level.

Love is Love is Love is Love



A Molecule is a Molecule is a Molecule

Love is Love is Love is Love


We have all heard of the legendary aphrodisiac effect of our cult-favourite Molecule fragrances. Whether being chased down the street, sought out in the jam-packed nightclub or being bombarded with compliments by a cab driver, one thing is clear — in the realm of our Molecule fragrances, distinctions of identity, gender, and sexuality dissolve into the essence of connection. They are more than scents; they are catalysts for an unrestrained union.




Escentric Molecules denounces and slashes apart the olfactory rulebook, refusing complacency and pushing further into the unknown. Standing as one of the rare independent players in the fragrance world, we pride ourselves on forging our own path, crafting rules only to break them — much like our scents that defy the norms of traditional top-heart-base fragrances. In our world, where we challenge conventions, our campaigns have never followed the typical celebrity-led narrative. EM rejects the notion of selling the transformative power of fragrances, understanding that spraying one won't magically turn you into a movie star.


Instead, we focus on creating imagery that are works of art in their own right. These visuals emphasise our fundamental belief: the wearer is the true protagonist, and their skin is a canvas waiting for our fragrances to paint its unique story. This principle holds steadfast in our Valentine's Day campaign. The series of captivating images, beautifully lensed by Elizaveta Porodina and the campaign videos shot by Marc Pritchard serves as a vibrant portrait of togetherness and inclusivity, inviting everyone to embrace the fluid beauty of shared connections.

"Shooting this campaign has been a true labour of love — shooting with friends and muses always feels like a personal experience, and it shaped up to be a day filled with positive vibes, amazing conversations and some of my favourite images. Our amazing muses, Britt and Cassady, who are both artists with backgrounds in dancing, immediately found a captivating and unique body language that transported closeness, intimacy and love — and it was a true pleasure to be allowed to capture these emotions.

In my artistic practice, I deeply believe in the multitude of different versions of oneself — and endless possibilities of identity within one person and one life — so when I was asked to collaborate on this campaign, I was immediately fascinated by the synergy of the values and ideas between my own world and that of Escentric Molecules." — Elizaveta Porodina



Ever since the day Molecule 01 was first bottled in 2006, our conviction has been rooted in the belief that an individual's olfactory fingerprint defies simplistic, binary categorisations such as 'his' and 'hers'.


Since the inception of our brand, we've been guided by a commitment to challenging gender norms in perfumery, rejecting the conventional boundaries of traditionally "male" or "female" notes. As pioneers in the realm of gender-free fragrances, this philosophy anchors our latest Valentine's Day campaign — an ode to the unrivalled simplicity of our revolutionary Molecule fragrances and their intangible essence, similar to the all-encompassing quality of love that transcends labels and disparities.


Our Molecule fragrances are like works of art worn on the skin. And Geza Schoen, the creative mastermind behind EM, is like a contemporary art provocateur, dispensing with traditional high gloss communication concepts, gender boundaries and bog-standard notions of a fragrance.

Step into the world where fragrance becomes a shared experience, breaking free from the constraints of gender-specific notes.




Molecule 01: Revolutionary Minimalism


Elevate your Valentine's Day with Molecule 01, the cult-favourite love potion. Crafted from 100% Iso E Super, this fragrance isn't just a perfume — it's your secret love charm, melding with your unique scent to create a one-of-a-kind olfactory signature.

Described as comforting and cocooning, M01 is Malevich's Black Square of fragrances, a disruptive and avant-garde cult classic that has been rumoured to induce animal magnetism.


Molecule 02: Mineral Amber


Molecule 02 consists of Ambroxan, pure and singular. Think of it as Cupid's modern arrow, armed with Ambroxan, the celestial love elixir.

So, what's Ambroxan? It's an aroma molecule born out of the same crystal-chemical structure as the elusive ambergris, the sperm whale's oceanic masterpiece, once the crown jewel of perfumery. Lab-equivalent Ambroxan brings refined, sensuous magic without the wait or whale drama.

Here's a twist: Molecule 02 is an olfactory rebellion in a bottle. Most 'amber' scents out there only dare to flirt with 1-2% solution in the formula. But Molecule 02 flaunts a bold 100% Ambroxan in alcohol and a hint of water.

Picture this fragrance as your ticket to a fresh, almost mineral smoothness, wrapping you in layers of olfactive allure.


Molecule 03: Grassy Roots


Spice up your loved one's wellness journey with Molecule 03 — the secret weapon for fragrant serenity.

Molecule 03 is 100% Vetiveryl Acetate, a romance between nature and science, a hybrid molecule that's both half-synthetic and half-natural. It's a dash of vetiver oil from Indian grass, sweetened up and stripped of its bitter and leathery qualities.

In ancient India, vetiver essential was known as 'the oil of tranquillity'. It's got this magic touch that eases anxiety and brings mental clarity — it's like meditation in a bottle.


Molecule 04: Cocooning Radiance


Molecule 04 is the perfect Valentine's Day fragrance that's as unique as love itself, created from the sheer magic of Javanol.

The sandalwood-type molecule Javanol dances between radiance and endurance, like love that lasts but feels weightless. It's the scent of love wrapped in a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of romance.

If you're up for an immersive experience that speaks to all five senses, Molecule 04 is your Valentine's Day match.


Molecule 05: Piney Cashmere


Get all cosy with Molecule 05 this Valentine's Day. This ultimate smooth operator is made up of Cashmeran, pure and singular.

This synthetic aroma-molecule is warm, woody, and irresistibly complex. Picture it as a fragrance blend that wraps you in a snug embrace of musky softness, dry, aromatic woodiness, and a sweet, resinous pine note.

Drape your senses in the luxurious embrace of Molecule 05 — the Valentine's Day rendezvous that feels like wrapping yourself in a weighted blanket of love.


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